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Hi there! I have been traveling with my family (husband and two small children) for about 6 months now. I have been to Pennsylvania and now currently in Maui. We went into this traveling this to try to get out of student loan debt before our children start school.

I would be so grateful if all the experienced travel nurses our there can tell me where they have made the most money (take home pay per week) and how much they made.:nurse:


Pennsylvania: $900 per week

Hawaii: $650 per week

*we have the company find our housing, so we do not include that in our take home pay.

Thank you! We need to get out of debt!!!!

Northern California pays well. That is where I am now. While I do not care to share my personal negotiated numbers, I am currently being paid quite a bit more than you mentioned. It might depend on your specialty though. I am an OR nurse. Best of luck! Keep us posted.

Definitely Northern California pays well but cost of living is higher. Central California is not that bad either but then again that would depend on your specialty. I'm an OR nurse and I have no complaints as far as pay rate for Northern California.

Specializes in ER , telemetry.

How is it in MAui?

Specializes in Critical Care, ED, Cath lab, CTPAC,Trauma.

HOw long have you been a nurse and what speciality do you have?

10 years experience as an OR nurse.

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