Pointers Wanted! Help with frequent flyers!

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Oh my gosh these stupid, looking for a reason to get out of class or go home, complaints drive me crazy!! There's always that one teacher who won't say no so you see half that room every day. I agree with bugging the parents. I'll send a note home first about all the visits and then I just start calling. There's always one or two students having real issues at home and just needing some extra TLC and in those cases I will not call or notify the parents.

Interesting fact: I was one of those frequent flyers!!! I ran into my old school nurse one day (after I became a school nurse and she was retired) and she remembered my first and last name. I said "oh no, I was in there a lot wasn't I?" and she just shook her head yes. I apologized. She just laughed. I do remember visiting the nurses office a lot. I loved it there!!! I think I loved the attention and nuturing I was craving from a lot of childhood stress in my family. She was always so nice to me. :)

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It doesn't help that the teachers panic the second they hear "stomach ache" or "sore throat." They fear puke and strep in the classroom, and the kids learn this VERY quickly.

They know their fast track out of the room is "I feel like I am going to throw up" and sore throat complaints.

I have one teacher who will pull the trash can over to any frequent flyer who c/o nausea and says "here's a bucket if you need it," 99% of the time nothing happens. Kudos to her!