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I need guidance on what I should be wrapping up with? I'm almost finished with La charity and q trainer I have 4 more test anything else?

Just keep doing questions and reading all the rationales, right and wrong, so you fully understand why the answer is correct or not. Make sure you got your values down pat. If there's something you're weak on, go over it from whatever comprehensive NCLEX book you're using, or pull out your med surg book. I just took mine on Wednesday and passed with 85 questions. I did the green Saunders book, exam cram, NCLEX review 3000 and I listened/watched the Hurst review videos. Oh I also looked over the Kaplan strategies book. I didn't get a chance to do the two tests in the back but I did manage to learn a few of the strategies which I felt were helpful in teaching me how to eliminate at least two wrong answers in a lot of questions. Just make sure you understand your content. If you do, then just keep doing questions everyday. You'll do fine. I'll keep you in my prayers :-)Keep us updated!God Bless!

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Do still have any areas you feel weak in? Pharm, isolation, psych study those things now, you still have time.

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