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Hi all, i graduated nursing school in 2013, took the nclex 3 times, the last one i took was 2015 and after that i got discourage, i really want to take this nclex this year and pass, my plan is to take it before sept. But i dont know where to start, any suggestions.

Our situation is similar ... right now I'm reading Saunders and doing questions online evolve.elsvier.com which come with the Saunders and once I'm done I will be doing U-World.

i have saunders too, its the red book ? you think is helpful for you. I'm planning to do U- world too, when are you planning to take the nclex?

Yes the red one ... it is helping me with contents a lot ... I'm aiming for either September or October to take the NCLEX

oh ok well i hope you pass , are you doing your test in California? how many questions do you do everyday

I'm in Florida .... right now I'm doing about 20-30 a day since I am reviewing content but once done and doing U world I will do aim to do about 100 a day. I work full time as well so once my brain tells me to stop I wrap up for the day otherwise I will not retain anything afterwards

yeah thats true, im trying to do 100 a day too, they say the more questions you do the better. of course also knowing content.

Yes that is so true ... I am weak on content... the school I went to was not the best so I need to make sure I understand everything and I want this to be the last time I take the Nclex PN and move on to RN ... good luck to you ... keep in touch

Thanks girl i feel you, good luck to you as well.


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