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PN NCLEX reviews

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Hello there,

unforutanetly I did not pass my NCLEX the second time. I am looking into the online programs like hurst, uworld, and Kaplan to see which one is the best. I've been leaning more to the hurst review but if there's any other suggestion, I would most appreciate it.

thank you :)

Hello, I am sorry you did not pass. If you don't mind me asking, what are you finding to be the most difficult about the test? Nerves, content, or something else...I have not taken my test yet. I test in a week. I am just asking for my own knowledge. I am using uworld and my Saunders pn book.

I think it's a little bit of nerves, me second guessing and I do feel like that maybe I am not understanding how to break down or figure out what the "nclex" questions are asking. I know this test is hard and they want you to critical think, but I think I am over thinking it. Do you feel like Uworld helps you with nclex style questions?

Yes I really like uworld. I love the rationales because they are so detailed. I do Saunders questions but I mostly utilize the book because if I not know an answer from uworld I'll read the rationale and if I'm still not sure I'll read up on it. These are the only two resources I have used. I'm praying that they are enough!

I'll have to check out uworld or maybe I'll do both. Thank you! I'm sure you will pass :)