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PMHN exam- study time?

by Wushu Wushu Member

Hi everyone,

Planning on taking the ANCC psych exam in the next month to month and a half... Their guide recommends 6 months... Anyone pass with less time studying? Want to try and get my cert before I apply to DNP program in December...

Whispera, MSN, RN

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You're talking about the certification exam for psych nursing and not the exam for an advanced practice psych nurse?

Do you have your MSN in psych nursing? If so, why not take the exam for advanced practice psych nurse rather than the other one?

I've taken both. I didn't study for six months, but I was working psych nursing full time for a couple of years before I took the exam for basic psych nursing--good experience! I had worked about 8 years before I took the advanced practice exam. I spent hours and hours of time off-work, studying study guides and listening to audio recordings however, for both of those exams.

Do you have lots of psych nursing experience?

I found both exams to be very difficult and left testing sites feeling there was no possibility I passed...but I did.

I didn't know there was a basic and an advanced? I know there is the board certified for RNs (the one I am planning on taking) and then one for psychiatric nurse practitioner.. I will have to go back on to their site and take another look

Whispera, MSN, RN

Specializes in psych, addictions, hospice, education.

i took mine a few years ago, so things might have changed. It was not for psych NP.


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Wushu, I am studying for the same exam. I am using it as my clinical project for the last semester of the BSN program. I haven't worked in psych in about 2 years and I feel like I jumped in over my head but I'm gonna go for it! I bought the book suggested on the ANCC website, the practice exams on exam edge and Pearls Review. IMO, Pearls Review is not worth it if you don't need the CEUs. I have until January first to take the exam.

What is the website for the exams that you got on exam edge? I went to exam edge.com and the site looks funky. I have been in psych for about 2.5 years . I got the ANCC book... I have to test by December :( I'm gonna be pushing it