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im a foreign nurse ,its been 7years alreay im here in us basically doing noth except raising my 2 kids(7 yrs old and 18 months)i gave nclex a month ago and failed...i really studied hard,my parents helped me a lot totook care of kids and my house.......i did kaplan at the begininhg i got 44%,then 50,55,60 and the most was 68%........and my contents was getting better too ,i knew most of the stuffs...i feel like i can doo it

but when i failed i was totally depressed......got very weak.....feel like i cant do anything in my life......i feel like im a looser.,i cried a lot didnt want to do anything .....

....i stopped studing for almost 20 days...........now im trying to study but im out of focus..i cant concentrate...my parents left to my country ...now i need to take care of my kids and study ,i dont have much time..and most imp is i think i forget the contents.........and in april they are changing format of nclex i feel like i will never will be able to pass .....im thinking to give up to be a nurse

plez help me i need some suggestions and ecouragemnt from you all

show me the way ...i need your help

it might be hader for you to understand my english ...so sorry for that

hoping to get response from you all


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I'm so sorry you are having such a bad time. I know it must be horrible to work so hard and then feel like it was all for nothing. I have not taken the NCLEX yet, mine is in 3 weeks, so I dont know if this is any help but maybe change up what you are studying and try different things. I am studying Kaplan, Hurst, and Lacharity. Mostly just tons of practice questions. At least 100 a day. That helps me a lot. I hope you can get motivated and try again! If you made it through nursing school, you can definitely do this! Good luck!


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i have a similar story but tried nclex 3 times already would say dont use kaplan go for a different review like hurst or ncsbn


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thank you very much friends ...........i will try to get focused and try different method of study......good luck to u too

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Sending you positive thoughts.

You can do it! OMG you have come so far, do not give up!

Thank you for reminding me not to give up on my quest :)