Please tell me this is normal!!!


hi everyone!!!

this is my first semester as a SN and i am so freaken nervous everytime i go to clinicals... idk why i get so nervous, i make myself sick guys!!! i end up feeling sick to my stomach and i start to doubt myself and begin to think i cant do this. and i actually went crying to my boyfriend too...( what a big baby huh..:cry:) something that i didnt think i would have done. i awalys, always worry about the pt not liking me, thats a huge thing for me... i just want to go in there and do what i have to do with no doubts in my mind.... But on the other hand im so excited to be in this field and i love what this job offers... im so into learning all these new interesting things in nursing(which i know i got alot alot alot to learn) and im all for it... ugh!!!!! please tell me this is normal... why am i such a stress ball??? i try to tell myself its because its my first semester as a SN... and it being that i have no experience at all.... i hate feeling like this.... i really feel this is what i want to do for the rest of my life but my nerves take over me and i psych myself out... any input guys!!! i hope im not alone:mad:


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It's normal to be very nervous, especially if you don't have prior experience...I used to have trouble sleeping the night before. But it will get won't be so nervous once you start getting the hang of it. Even then, you can still expect a little bit of nerves...


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My suggestion would be to just RELAX! I can relate to those feelings of doom when you walk into a patient's room. I am in a program that every 5 weeks we change clinical sites, my first clinical was in the Nursing Home and I thought I would just die before the end of the first day. I was scared to touch the patient in fear of harming them and Oh Lord the smells, well that is a whole different story, but I tell you I began to see that behind those wrinkled eyes and trembling hands was a person that needed help and didn't see me as a scared student but as the person who would take care of them for the day. Our patients depend on us for everything no matter how big or small their requests may be. At the end of my first 5 weeks I had really become attached to several of my patients, I began to see them as someone's mother, grandmother, sister or friend and I really made an effort to get to know who they were. I heard so many interesting stories and saw pictures of their families and it really helped me grow not only as a SN but as a person. One of my patients told me on the last day of clinical that I would never know how much it meant to her for me to not just provide her with care but to visit and give her companionship, something that she was lacking. Who would think that conversation would be that important? She kept telling me how she was sorry that she couldn't do for herself and that it was difficult to allow someone else to take care of her, I watched a tear trickle down her face as she lowered her eyes. Honestly at that moment I felt as though I was given a gift, I was honored to have the chance to provide care for her and I let her know quickly that I appreciated her allowing me to help. I have seen patients in a different light, they really need us, no matter how ornery or impatient they may be. I am almost finished with my 1st Semester, I have one 5 week class to go (OB) and I have only felt that fear of a patient one other time (trach) but after the first day I swallowed my fear and realized everyone needs our help and we can't be afraid of our patients. My suggestion to you would be once again RELAX, and talk, talk talk, you will be surprised at the response you get when you really make your self available. Another tip is when reading their chart really focus on their personal information you can make great conversation with that such as how many children they have, hobbies, ect. I'm sure you are probably doing a wonderful job, just put yourself in the patients place and enjoy every experience. Good luck!!!:wink2:


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It is good that you want the patient to like you, but that will NOT always happen. Just do what you know, and you will be suprised at how much you DO know. It does get easier though, I had a fellow student that used to stand outside the door to the patient's room and hyperventalate-reminded me of how someone looks before jumping out of an airplane--rocking back and forth--hand on the door handle--breathing through pursed lips. It was funny then and it is really funny now because she is great with patients.


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Oops Im in my second semester, apparently I can't :chuckle

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I had/have the same problem this semester in clinicals as well. I would suggest you go to the counseling services and talk it out if you have the resources. I wish I had utilized them during the semester and not gone to my professor about it. Some professors aren't receptive to listening to students. And I wanted to tell you that your feelings are completely normal! Probably the majority of your class is going through the same things you are. It will get better! Hang in there.



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Just watch out for CIs who feed on nervous students. They're out there (I know first-hand). Take advantage of any resources you have in order to intervene with your anxiety (lawfully and safely of course).

Good luck!


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Thanks everyone for your replies!!! i feel so much more at ease to know that things will get better and that im not such a baby... ur the best to take the time and do this... i love all nurses!!!!:) thanks again!!!


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Everyone reacts differently and it can be especially intimidating when other students seem comfortable in these new situations. I also had no experience when I started out (i'm graduating next month-HOORAY). My first semester I was so terrified-I felt like I was going to vomit every time I had to walk into a patient room. The nervousness gradually lifts as you feel more confident in your abilities. Take some time to do some self-reflection and get to the root of what is making you feel this way. I still occasionally get nervous the first day of a new clinical. Recently, I was watching an episode of Oprah who was discussing the Eckhart Tolle book (A New Earth). There was a celebrity of some kind appearing on the show to talk about the book. She said she was so nervous because she was about to be on Oprah. Then she remembered that in the book Tolle talks about nervousness being a selfish emotion and she reminds herself that it's not about's about the audience and the show. Somehow that helped me remember that my nerves in a new situation-especially nursing-brings your focus to yourself rather than your patients, where your attention really needs to be. When I begin to feel nervous I tell myself-it's not about ME it's about the patient. Somehow it refocuses my energy and the nerves go away. Don't know if that helps but, it seems to be helping me. Good luck and push through the negative emotions-eventually you'll get there!


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I had the same anxious feelings and was working as a CNA, so shouldn't have been so nervous. I just wanted to add that you might try engaging in a very good physical fitness program. Regular strenous exercise can help with lots of problems. Try it. The worst that can happen is that you will become more fit. It should help with your ability to cope emotionally. Also remember that someday soon this will all be behind you.

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