Please, International RN's step..



I have a currently RN license in california.

I graduated nursing school at the other country, tested nclex and became a RN.

I'd like to be a CRNA.

I didn't have a BSN degree.

Do I have to RN to MSN for CRNA?

what is the steps for CRNA to international RN?

Please, advise me.

Thanks all !

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First, get your BSN

Next, 2-5 years of solid ICU experience

THEN, CRNA school.


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Not all (if any) schools require a BSN. Since you're already an RN, a degree in chemistry, physics or math would be pretty competitive with the better schools, I'd think. Most applicants have BSN's and one of the above with a respectable GPA would be quite respectable.

Not sure what "international RN" means, but CRNA's in the US are the most advanced non-physician anesthesia providers in the world. CRNA's here do things that anesthesiologists in other parts of the world do not do. Stay here.

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You should also look into which schools you want to apply to to get their requirements. Some schools do not accept international applicants. Or applicants that have studied outside the US