PLEASE HELP! Where to get ALL Health Shots/Test's Requirments???


Hello!! I need some help and quidence into where I can get all the shots and titer results for vaccinations for the LPN/ RN Program at gateway. I took the paper to my doctor and he said he wasnt able to do all the shots and vaccinations. I don't have any of my paperwork from years past, so need all tests and vaccinations given again.

Is there a clinic I can go to? ?

Or can anyone refer me to where they went, and who did their test's right and got all the appriorate paperwork from them??

Help, I'm trying to submit my application by the Oct 29th deadline, but this is the only thing standing in my way!:no:

Where did you go? Please post, or pm me!

thank you!!


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Most of my shots I got at CVS (you can go to Walgreen's too.) You can also contact the County Health Department for a list of places. Your doctor should be able to order the titers and then you go to a lab and get them done. My paperwork for Banner Nurse Fellows also sates that they have facilities at their hospitals, so call your local Banner Health Medical Center and see which of their clinics is closest to you. Good Luck!


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Give Mobile Testing Services a call. They will come to you to give you the vaccinations, the tests, etc.

I used them for my titers as well as anything else that I needed, like my Hep B shots.


Unless you have health insurance, and even if you do have health insurance it still may be cheaper to go to someone else than your doctors office.

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