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Hi all! I am a recovery RN from PA. I have been in my recovery program for just about 2 years and have 1.5 to go!! I had my life all straighten out feeling great like I can do this ect.... Till today! I live with my parents with my 3 kids and husband while we are going through the process. Anyways what happened to me is I had a problem with narcs that my doctor wrote for me. I was honest with my working saying what I was on ect.. One day I get called in HR and they pulled charts that looked suspicious. I was wasting too much or the doctor forgot to sign the verbal order. This was common because in the ED I offered took a verbal order. Anyways they accused me if diverting. I gave a sample and quite that day knowing I needed recovery. Anyways I thought I was moving forward until today when who I think was a DEA agent showed up at my door. I didn't answer but my daughter told me he ask for me which is odd seeing I live with my parents. No one else would coming looking for me!! Super care any thoughts. It has been two years!! They didn't leave a card and I called my lawyer but he isn't in today !!


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Oh urine drug screen was clean wondering they could charge me with??

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If you don't have a lawyer - call one. they can call the number on the card and find out what they want. Don't say anything to them without representation.

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Probably just paranoia. I got back to work after lunch one day and there were 4 black police cars with govt plates in our parking lot. I called my husband, as I was sure it was the Feds there looking for me. I drove around for a little bit, and then finally went in the back door. We are next to a restaurant, and they were eating next door. I was scared, then had to laugh at myself I have a friend who the DEA questioned about her and her doctors writing habits, and they notified her in writing first, and she ignored them. Then they called her house and talked to her on the phone about it. I'm not saying they wouldn't just show up at your door, but if you haven't heard back I wouldn't dwell on it, and if they do contact you do not talk to them without an attorney. Investigators try to befriend you so you will talk. Lawyer up immediately. If you aren't being arrested do not go to the station to talk. Tell them your lawyer will contact them. Be strong about this. Wanting to be honest is honorable, but this is not the time to spill the beans. Good luck.


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If a DEA agent shows up at your door (which I highly doubt---the police would show up first) they MUST identify themselves. They can't ask for you & not say who they are.

You shouldn't have quit when you gave the urine. HR is looking for an easy target to explain some kind of narc issue, and since you have a history they know they can do that with you.

Standing up to allegations of diverting & showing the administration that you are innocent of the charges is a very satisfying feeling. Let them eat crow when they're wrong & you're clean.

If a doctor "forgets" to sign a verbal order, it is not the nurse's fault. It pisses me off when nurses get blamed because doctors "forgot" to sign an order. Nurses do their jobs, and one of their jobs is not to police the doctors to make sure they did theirs.

If you "wasted too much", then you made med errors. Did HR say you made med errors because of the amount you were wasting? That should be the real issue there. If your urine was clean, you settled the case & they can go look elsewhere for their scapegoat.