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Hey guys! I really need help with a job offer I received. I was offered a job at a skilled nursing facility. 20-30 patient to nurse ratio. Is this normal? Also, the other main discouraging factor for me is that I was told I would only be trained for 3 days...4 days maximum. Is this normal as well??? Im not sure how comfortable I would feel after only 3 days. Can someone please give me insight. Thank you

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Retired LTC nurse here.

Pt ratio of 20-30 sounds pretty much right on. In fact, it sounds rather decent.

But I do SERIOUSLY question the atypically short orientation period. Unless you were some super-experienced LTC veteran of many, many years, that is waaay tooo short. I read from your other posts, you're newly graduated & licensed. Just thinking, if they have computer eMARs, that takes some orientation time right there.

I know LTC/NHs are extremely stingy when it comes to orientation time, esp for newbie nurses because the expectation is that they will most likely jump ship when the mood/opp'ty for something else comes along. You just don't come across as a very worthwhile investment for them.

But for 3-4 days ... nah, that's just not even the normal stingy orientation which usually is about 2 weeks (gen'ly speaking).

Unless you can negotiate some extra time, like for the 2 weeks, I'd pass on that job. Sounds like a real set-up for failure.

But don't expect much more than the 2 weeks though. I'm sure they have a boatload of other prospective applicants.

Thank you so much for your reply!! Yeah I’m newly graduated & licensed. You’re right 3 days would not be enough! Going to keep looking. Thank you!!

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I had 6 weeks orientation as a new nurse. I was placed in the sub-acute rehab part of the facility. However, I did have some LTC patients.

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