Please help an LPN in Cleveland, ohio with home care


I desperately need to find a job. I have 14 years experience in a hospital,assisted living and occupational health. I cannot even think about LTC or hospital nursing ever again!!!!! I want to try Home Health visits-but I am both confused as to what company to go to and if I could do this. Please-anyone in the Greater Cleveland area please, please help me out. thank you so much


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not in cleveland area, but just go apply to every agency poss...there are bad, and there are good ones.....Get your foot in the door, get liked professionally and dependable....and you will fall into a may take a while..but it may not....esp if a nurse quits and they have to call the first one may also have to take the hardest jobs for a while, before you choose assign.


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You will find it easier to adapt to shift work (also called continuous care) rather than intermittent visits. You only have to see one client for one shift, anywhere from four to 16 hour shifts, normally 8 hrs. You do your nurses note for the care you render for that shift. You don't have to go driving around all over, doing the paperwork for how ever many clients you can see in one day, and you don't have to worry about meeting the minimum number of visits to meet "productivity" goals. You are oriented to the case by the supervisor, the primary nurse, or a family member and are given a copy of the 485, plan of care, and MAR. You need not get too nervous about the care you need to give because most home care continuous care clients are stable and their care is routine in nature. Of course, if there is anything about the client that you have questions on, you ask the primary nurse, family member, or the nursing supervisor. Just make sure that when you interview with home health agencies that you let them know that you want to be doing shift work rather than intermittent visits, if this sounds like what you would like.


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thank you for the input....have sent out some resumes.....will update when I get something


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thanks for taking the time to read and respond.....resumes are out...just waiting....thanks again.


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Try maybe Maxim Healthcare or Cambridge Home Health. I live in northeastern OH. Cleveland Clinic may have a division of home health nursing. Check those out. I just got a job at Cambridge and I begin orienting today. I'm excited and nervous about a change of scenery from LTC. In my area, I seriously applied to every hospital and nursing home around me. Perhaps its the economy and the fact that a large hospital in my area filed for bankruptcy. I don't know. Anyway, good luck finding a job!


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thanks for the info...please-let me know how you like your job---keep us posted....


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I work for Cambridge Home Health Care, PRN. I love the work! I love the hours! I love my Cleveland Clinic full time job, too...But I'm torn between the two. I pay for a hotel while I'm working up there full time. And then theres gas. I'm further ahead by quitting CC and staying with CHHC financially... Any thoughts?

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