Please help I'm freaking out !

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I got accepted in to the nursing program at LIU-Brooklyn I honestly feel like they accept anyone only to watch them flunk out (many people do)..

My problem is that I did great in a&p but I don't really remember anything from my pre-reqs I'm scared that it will work against me.. So I plan on buying some light weight books and brushing up over the summer.. What areas or subjects do you guys/girls suggest I should work on over the summer any advice is appreciated thank you in advance !

* basically what should I do the summer before nursing school

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Well congrats! I normally say freshen up on Anatomy and Physiology, just the major systems. Don't go out of your way to find expensive books, just use what you have.

If you'd like to start with nursing basics buy the "Reviews and Rationales Fundamentals of Nursing" book. This book will give you a good idea of what nursing questions will be like in your first semester.

Other thing I would suggest is don't study too hard, take a good long break, enjoy the family and relax for a minute because once school starts your head will be spinning with things to do.

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Enjoy the summer!!! I know I am going to. Once August comes we will be so busy and longing for the lazy days of summer. Honestly don't worry about it. You will be fine.


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For brushing up on A&P, I got the Cliff Notes Anatomy and Physiology for Dummies book off Amazon. It was only about $10.


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Thank you everyone :nurse: Haha


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Review your notes and if you still have your textbooks, those as well. Really, stuff will shockingly come back to you as you go into the organs, drug metabolism, etc.

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