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I have spent the last 13 years of my life in nursing school. I applied with my BON and did the live scan fingerprinting. I found out today, that my file came back as "yellow" which means an automatic referral to the legal department?!?!

I FREAKED OUT. I asked for a copy of my report and was denied. I told them I have never been convicted of anything, I really haven't I'm a total square. I have no idea what this could be but I am freaking out. Not only from a "OMG am I about to lose my license" standpoint but with my APRN application, their website says investigations can take up to six months (I don't know that I'm being investigated but I googled the name of who my file was going to to and she is under "investigators")...

The ONLY thing I think this could be is an arrest for assault three years ago. It did not result in a conviction, the person filling out the police report lied, we were in the middle of a child custody battle and the prosecutor completely dismissed everything.

I checked the nurse practice act just to make sure I didn't have to report the arrest (my attorney at the time told me I didn't have to and I took him at his word). And it looks like I am good there.

Does anyone know what a "yellow" flag means? I guess it's better than a RED. I have been throwing up all day I am so upset. The board is not being helpful and in fact asked me "WHY" I would want a copy of my record. I told her it was because I haven't been convicted of anything and I want to know what showed up on my report!

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Gosh, I'm so sorry. I have no experience wirh this but was just wondering if you could pay for your own criminal record report? I would think that that would be possible. All the best!

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