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Hello, I am asking once again for advice on this infant care plan. Okay, I have all four of my diagnoses written out, but this one just sounds bad to me, repetitive- how can I say it differently?

"Risk for caregiver role strain related to status as first baby in family, mother recovering from Cesarean birth, and maternal plans to return to employment; as evidenced by maternal status as primipara, documented Cesarean birth, and documented maternal employment plans."

See how I am just repeating myself, no new information in the AEB part! How can I do it better, any suggestions, not to do my work for me just advice. Thanks you guys, you are so wonderfully helpful every time I need you! :kiss


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what about, ineffective coping?.....


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Or Altered family processes

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Thanks Love a Nurse and Bama Girl! these help a lot. but, you don't think the R/T and AEB parts are too similar to each other?

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I hate careplans so I am not going to spend time trying to help, no offense meant I assure you :) However, after reading your post I wonder if it would be best to substitute "surgical procedure" for one of the C-births.


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If your nursing diagnosis is a risk for, then you do not need a RT(related to) or AMB(as manifested by) because it is not actual!

If it was actual, then you would say something like...AMB mother verbilizing the baby will be a burden or verbilizing the baby will be too much work.

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I agree Todd, care plans are INCREDIBLY annoying; thanks for your suggestion! Mithrah we have to include AEB for all our diagnoses even if they are just risks, I guess including the risk factors as AEB. But your point makes sense for real life outside nursing school assignments! :) Thanks to both of you.

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