PLEASE HELP!! Anyone with advice for taking the TEAS test! I am totally freaking out!

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i am a pre-nursing student who is getting ready for the teas test! i have to admit i am kinda freaking out a little bit, only because i heard the math on the test is ridicuosly hard! please if anyone has any words of wisdom to get me through this any advice at this point would be awesome!

also does anyone know exactly what tests are on the teas and how long each test is timed for, also..., does anyone know of a really good study guide and if so does anyone have one they may want to sell or any ideas as to where i can purchase one?

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I did okay on the TEAS even though it had been a while since I had taken any math, science or english classes. Oddly enough, even though I have a B.S. in biology, the science was the hardest part for me because it was so long ago. When I studied, I just skimmed the physical science stuff and that's what hurt me most. I'm sorry, but I never was too excited about velocity, amps, ohms and electrical currents.

I bought one study guide and got others from the library to get more practice.

If there are only 30 science questions how many of them happen to be earth science?

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I only remember a handful of earth science questions, but it was enough to give me a lot of anxiety when I walked out of the test.

Looking at my study guide now and from what I recall of my test, there were questions on the food web, symbiotic relationships, maybe one about taxonomy and maybe one or two about plate tetonics. If I had to guess, I'd say maybe a total of 5-6 questions about earth science. It was the physical science questions that killed me. Maybe it seemed like there were more of those because they made me anxious.

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