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I've worked for UMC since graduating last December. So far the job is going great, I got 12 weeks of orientation and a 3 week critical care class. The other hospitals I know of as far as through the girls from work are.... Northwest, TMC, St Joes, St Mary's and the VA. There are various pros and cons but so far the one I've heard more cons on is Kino Hospital (county hospital).

I believe most of the Tucson hosptial pays $19/hr for new grads to start off. I haven't heard of anything different.

We just bought a house on the eastside and it's also working out great. When we were searching for a home, we looked in the eastside, cortaro farms area, and the northwest side. There's a ton of new homes coming up all over Tucson. Oro valley is a little bit far North but they are building a new hospital there (Northwest Medical Center #2). We decided on the eastside only because we got a great price for our perfect home.

Try this search engine for Tucson homes... the company lists all home listings in Tucson, not just their own.


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My name is Jessica, I am an R.N. in the ED. I have been commuting to Philly from Scranton PA for the past 2 years and I am just sick of driving 2 hours to get to work!! The pay for nurses stinks where I live so that was the only way to make decsent money. I accepted a travel position, to get us down there, but we are planning on staying.

Any words of wisdom as far as housing, movers, local hospitals, etc. Also my husband will be looking for work he has a degree in history and social science, all to be a secondary ed teacher, which never worked out here in PA (it is who you know and we dont know anyone!!!) What is the employment situation there? Can't be much worse than here, I hope.

Any help you all could give will be greatly appreciated. Have a great day


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As far as I know, the only words of wisdom is to just stay away from the South side. I haven't heard very great things about the south side and it's not a very friendly area when you drive around it. There are TONS of new housing coming up from different companies so there's plenty to choose from. The highway system in Tucson sucks BIG TIME, so just make sure you look for your housing not too far from the hospital you will be working at.

Hey Jessica - Has your husband every thought about working for UofA? There is also the Tucson school district and other charter schools around town he could try.

Good luck on your move!

- Carolyn


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Hi there. I was born and rasied in Tucson, although life has brought me to now live in Phoenix. Anyways, DO NOT WORK AT KINO UNLESS YOU LOVE LIVING ON THE EDGE. I won't say Kino is awful as a hospital, but it is county on the southside! The south side is horrible! High crime, drugs, poverty, ect. Keep in mind your alittle over an hour away from the mexico border, and Kino is the closest to the border. T.M.C. is ok, but my understanding is that they've done alot of downsizing. Their heart treatment center is supposed to be tops. St. Joe's is nice, U.M.C. is a teaching hospital and is very close to the U. of A. St.Mary's is nice and is close to the east-side. The north-west side of town can be a hassle. The roads in Tucson are small town built, and they haven't done awhole heck f alot to improve them as the population has sky-rocketed. The n.w. side is the newest area to "boom" in population, so going anywhere takes awhile. Although it is a nice side of town, and affordable. If your loking to rent, the east-side is nice. The streets are wider, and traffic isn't quite as heavy. If you look at a map, stay north of Broadway unless your as far east as Wilmont. South-west of that, and your getting into high crime areas. Anywhere east of Wilmont is nice, but you have to hunt around alittle for real affordable. The best I've found for cheap rent in nice neighborhoods, is du-plexes. It's two houses that share a common wall, and they are everywhere in Tucson. If you find one in a nice area, alot have big back yards or pools.

I have never heard of the hospitals you mentioned. But I'm sure if you google Tucson hospitals, you could find some info on what's avail.

GGOD LUCK! It's cooler than Vegas and gets more rain. And it's greener. Make sure you go to Mt.Lemmon and get some pie in Summerhaven. It's a small community on the mountain with some great cafes. And it's real cool up there. Pine trees and all.There are great hiking areas up there. And on Reddington (the east side mountain) there's a natural hot spring you can go swimming in after monsoons hit (flooding dangers). But you need to take heed if you go, nude sunbather frequint there! L.O.L.:chuckle


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Agreed on the south side, one would do well to stay clear from both living and working. And also in agreement with traffic sucking terribly down there. The east side is a nice place to live, but distant from the single circuitous freeway system. It's a catch 22.


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I live on the East side of Tucson near the Air Force base... it's not too bad getting downtown if you live close to Golflinks Road/Aviation Hwy.

- Carolyn


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i live on the eastside. there are certain areas of the eastside that are nice, and ones that are not so nice. unfortunately we're in a not so nice area as of now. i have heard great things about oro valley and the north side of town. rita ranch (southeast) is also a great area in a great school district (if you have or will have kids). as for hospitals, i have to agree that kino is probably the only one to steer clear of. best of luck to you!

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Make sure you go to Mt.Lemmon and get some pie in Summerhaven. It's a small community on the mountain with some great cafes. And it's real cool up there. Pine trees and all.There are great hiking areas up there.

Yes !!! Truly a marvelous retreat from the heat !!! A good 20-30 degrees cooler up there, and GREAT camping areas if you like to camp! The drive up there is only about 40 minutes and BREATHTAKING ! From cacti to pine trees.. amazing ! Been to Summerhaven, and their pies are SCRUMPTIOUS !

I love Tucson.. Reid Park, the little animal friendly zoo which is all lit up with tiny white lites at Christmas... there's all kinds of neat stuff going on in Tucson. Good sized town, yet not toooooooooo big, like Phoenix. And it IS cooler there, even though still pretty dang hot ! :chuckle


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Don't forget the $th Ave. Street Fair! That is a blast, and happens every spring and fall near the UofA campus. Street venders from all over the country gather there, and 2 are ever the same! You can get some great finds. Also on 4th Ave. is the Casbah Tea House. I used to go there and get some tea and watch the belly-dancers. I used to take classes, and some of the dancers there were awsome. Then there's the Gem & Mineral show. That's something worth going to. There's the Greek festival at the Greek Orthodox Church, that's tons of fun, OUPA! And Tucson meetyourself, and there's all kinds of beer & wine tasting festevals. Lots of stuff to do there. Don't forget the renisance festival in Florance early spring! And Old Tucson Studios can be fun. The do a huge Haunted House every year. With a tour of the ghost town! Have Fun!

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