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Hi, there, NSG is also my second career, I'm a RN in Singapore(3 year diploma). Am I eligible to apply for NCLEX-RN and CPRNE exam? I checked the related websites, still not very clear..


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Moved to International Forum for better exposure. Welcome to allnurses, bo2007 :welcome: Hopefully, someone will soon come along to answer your question wth the information you need.


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Thanks, I'll do that.


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Hi bo2007,

welcome to allnurses.

First it's not necessary to ask the same question in several threads:)

So you are an RN, are you looking to take both, american and canadian exams?

If so, why do you look at the canadian LPN exam, when you are a RN, any special reason for that?

Your eligibility will be decided by either the state board (US) or the provincial college/nursing association (Canada), it depends on your education/hours you had.

We won't be able to tell you.

So I would suggest decide what you want to do and then apply, you will need to invest some money into that.


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Agree with 5cats and you need to decide where you want to go, which state or province and then apply to relevant college or nursing board. Only they can determine whether you meet their requirements or not. IF BSN not sure why you are looking at the Canadian LPN


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sorry about ask the same question in several threads, because it's my first time to ask Qs, not very sure how to ask. Thanks for answering my question. I plan to go to Vancouver, BC. As in Singapore, normally after 3 years diploma course, you can work as a Registered nurse. Since I only have 6 months experience, that's why I'm not sure that am I eligible to apply for CPRNE.

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The CPRNE is the exam for LPNs in Canada. If you are an RN then you would be taking the CRNE. If you are planning on movong to Canada then you do not need to take the NCLEX, that is for the US only. Contact the college of nurses for BC and they will tell you what you have to do for RN licensure.


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thanks, I have surfed some many websites, confused myself. I'll contact the college of nurses for BC, Merci

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