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Apparently not interested since no reply since last post. if youre interested I can tell you more .


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Okay I took the job as at seasonal pay until April and then they are giving me the option to go PRN or full time witha sign on bonus. I was amazed at how many GN's they hired (they are in orientation with me). I think it's great but the excess of GN's to RN's seems a bit off. I will keep everyone posted. I had to take a critical care PBDS today??? A little odd to get the hang of but if I don't pass it I have the option to accept a full time postion??? I wish I knew about this if anyone is considering Plaza investigate the PBDS format.


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I am moving to Fort Worth at the end of this month and I have received a call back from Plaza to work in their CCU. I am curious about anyone's experience or advice about this hospital and unit. I also applied to Harris Methodist and Arlington Memorial. Also if anyone has any advice about the Saginaw, White Settlement, Eagle Lake areas and commute to the hospitals it would be helpful. i.e. driving time, traffic etc.


I live in Azle (across Eagle Mtn Lake from Saginaw) I love my commute downtown. I work weekend nights and simply take 199 the whole way. No major issues, sept I recon next week to be a booger!! (Superbowl) I did clinicals at Plaza 10 yr ago and worked every unit, nice clean place for a student. Not sure about full timers. JPS has my heart! Something about a county facility that I love, call me odd, wierd (it's prob all true). Good luck and good hunting!! :nurse:

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