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Hi everyone! Recently I just registered with platt college school of nursing in Aurora! I just wanted to know if anyone has gone through the admissions process? When I first applied back in 2010 this went with whoever had the highest teas score, I got accepted the first time but due to financial issues I wasn't able to start. but now they are doing a points system! Has anyone gone through this and has been accepted since the change?

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I too would benefit from any information out there. I am going to try and apply for the September or January class.


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I was accepted to Platt in January 2016 and I believe they had implemented the points system before then. My teas scores were overall pretty good except for math. I had a terrible college gpa but over five years of experience as a CNA in the hospital. I believe that and my essay explaining the circumstances for my gpa are what got me accepted.

I am halfway done with Platt and have really enjoyed my experience so far! I just wish it wasnt so expensove. Let me know if you have more questions:)

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I am in the process of applying right now. I still have to take the SAT or TEAS before my application is complete. I hope that not having college or health care experience is not held against me to much. I joined the military after high school and hope that is taken into account during the process. How do you like the program so far? Are the location for clinical decent? Do you have any tips for those applying?

I also began at Platt in January 2016. I decided to apply last minute, so I did not have much time to study for the TEAS as the application deadline was quickly approaching, but luckily I scored well. I applied with absolutely no healthcare experience, and I believe my essay is what set me apart, so I would spend a lot of time perfecting that. I did transfer in nearly all of my prerequisite classes, but I would definitely include your military experience in your essay.

For the most part, the clinical locations are decent. They include the major Denver hospitals are I have enjoyed all of my clinical rotations so far.

For those applying I would say don't try too hard. Be yourself in the interview, show who you are in your essay, and score well on the TEAS. I would definitely recommend spending a majority of your time on the essay.


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how is the program? I'm considering it but the tuition is scary!

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The cost is pretty intimidating to me as well. I look at it as the fastest way for me to get into the work force, so the investment seems reasonable... I have no college, been in the military since I graduated high school, the fact that the prerequisites are rolled in is the greatest benefit for myself. Do you have friends in other programs? If so how does is compare? I am curious about the clinicals. I talked with a third year student and she told me they could not find a clinical site for a specific lesson, so she had to do her hours with the simulation....


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I am praying that I am accepted into one of the loan reimbursement programs because of how expensive the program is! I would recommend transferring credits if possible because it makes a huge difference!

I have had a pretty good experience so far. I do believe Platt is the best school in the Denver area when it comes to clinical placement and skills. Other students I've talked to are much more limited in what skills they are allowed to do during clinical. I've had really great placements so far! They do occasionally come short on hours so you have to finish then in sim lab, but this isn't something that happens frequently.

I love that Platt has two high acuity nursing classes and a clinical placement for it. We will also be allowed to test for our ALCS by the end of high acuity 1.

The program is long though. I work with students at DSN who started nursing school after me and will graduate before or around the same time.