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I have an allergy to most metals. Short of ordering a badge holder with a gold clip, I am looking for a badge holder with a plastic clip. I cannot wear one with a metal clip, not even the "hypoallergenic" kind. I also can't use nail polish or similar solutions as the coating wears off.

Anybody with a link to such an item? If possible on a string but I will be happy if I can find a regular badge holder that is made out of plastic (or wood, but I am guessing this is uncommon!)


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I would check etsy and see if they have anything.

Hello! I did :( Maybe I didn't enter the right key words, I will try again

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Your looking for " Plastic Alligator Swivel Clip" or " Plastic Alligator Swivel Card Clip" --difficult to find as plastic clip often breaks. Few found with those search terms.

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I purchased a badge clip off of Etsy and its a magnet. I realize you can't have metal, but this sucker is strong and its entirely possible you could put the portion that goes inside your blouse in a small bag (think vacuum seal) so that it wouldn't touch your skin. The magnet is strong enough that it would still stick. I purchased from Grump Art Badge Reels and haven't had any issues at all.

here's a weird idea, get some of that velcro with the adhesive back side and stick one piece (the one with the hooks) to the back of the badge holder, and have the other part sewn on your scrubs. Just make sure you don't forget to take the holder off when washing them.

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