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Plans for Thanksgiving


Hello fellow WV nurses and nurses to be. I hope everyone is having a good weekend. I just wanted to ask who has some awsome plans for Thanksgiving and who has to work. Is any facility doing anything special for the staff? Lets all put our heads together and come up with a Thanksgiving dinner we can share online. I will bring a 30 lbs turkey with dressing, anybody else?

I have to work Thanksgiving and the night after, I work 7pm to 7am, I plan on cooking the big bird on Saturday.We are bringing potluck to work on the 17th. Now, for our online Thanksgiving dinner--I'll bring a big pot of homemade noodles and 6 pumpkin pies.



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I will be deer hunting...I hope. For the on-line meal I will bring a well-roasted deer hind-quarter, injected with my home-made BBQ sauce and cooked medium. MMMMMM-mmmmmm.


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Is it alright if I just bring wine?? I have to make cookies for 3 functions already and desserts for 40 for Thanksgiving....I'm kinda cooked out :uhoh3:

I'm hooked on the stuff.LOL I can eat more if I drink diet pop, right?? :rotfl: :chuckle

Sounds like we need some mashed potatoes and dressing, but I appreciate the spirit in which all of these goodies were offered. For me this year is not going to be much of a holiday. Work or no work, I just do not feel like doing much this year. Emboss, I hope you get a nice buck. Hubby left today and will be out in the woods early Monday. He cannot hardly walk but that is secondary to deer hunting. Really, I hope each and every nurse here in WV has a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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