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Right now, FNAs union branch represents RNs in the VA system in Florida. But it can & will represent RNs in any setting where the RNs want it.

No union can do anything for nurses who havent asked them to. A union cant work for people who havent voted for them to do that work. A union cant just go into a place & say "we're here". The nurses have to invite a union in, evaluate their info, & then vote for or against becoming a part of it.

Nurses in the VA system did that. If nurses outside that system want any union to work for them, all they have to do is ask, too.

But unionizing itself may not be enough in right-to-work states. The biggest hurdle for the nurses & the unions is those damn right-to-work laws, which strip the workers power & block a lot of what unions can otherwise do in free states, weakening the union & diluting its effectiveness. The laws are really right-to-take-away-your labor-rights laws.

Even after you are unionized in a right-to-work state, its still an uphill battle for it to be effective because those state laws are geared in the employers favor, weaken the unions power, and strip the worker of certain rights the rest of us have.

Gotta get rid of that right-to-work stuff so your union (which is the workers) can legally have some teeth.

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You need to remeber that a Union is only as effective as its membership. It takes a lot of work bt the members to make an effective union. You, the individual staff RN is the union.

Asking is only the first step in a lot of hard work to have a truly effective union. But the work is worth it in the long run.

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