Pittsburgh, UPMC announces layoffs?

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Hello everyone, especially the Pittsburgh constituents.

I was just listening to the radio and I heard on the local news that UPMC was announcing layoffs. But they didn't go further and say how many or what type of positions would be eliminated.

I checked the Post Gazette on line but didn't see anything relating to this.

Anyone out there have any info?

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Colleen: I couldn't get anything on the online PG either, but I did see the article on the front page of today's Business section (just a short paragraph) UPMC wouldn't say how many jobs or where, but may be in their insurance business. The spokesperson said that employment would "likely" grow in clinical areas like nursing, so it doesn't sound like that is affected. The layoffs are supposedly being done for budget reasons; managers were asked to reduce expenses 10-15%.



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Hi Pattyjo,

It is sad enough with all the local lay-off's in our area but especially sad when a person hears Hospital - Layoff's and immediately thinks "there go the nurses", like I thought.

ma kettle

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I heard on news last night that these layoffs are not to effect people envolved in direct patient care. It sounds like those of use who work for them should brace themselves for another round of "WORK REDESIGN". You may have homework. :)

what do you think. I do believe though, this area is in for some major changes. There are many hospitals in a 15-20 mile radius and I have been told the population of this area is decreasing.



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I heard this article was in the Trib but I did not actually see it so I can't confirm.


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There were layoffs at Nyack Hospital in NY this week-just in time for Nurses Week! They closed an entire med surg floor, and layed off about 20 people, according to the local paper. They are blaming the 6 month nurses strike in 2000 for catastophic losses as well as inconsistancies by the CEO and CFO and the accounting firm.

The website is http://www.nyjournalnews.com and should have info in the archives.


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Don't get me started on Pittsburgh Population problems!;)

I'm 27 and supposedly a member of the generation that Pittsburgh so despretly wants to keep here. I grew up in Pittsburgh and returned here after I graduated college. In the 4 years that I have lived and worked in Pittsburgh (not in medicine or nursing) as an adult I have:

Been laid off twice (pre 9-11)

Could not find ANY TYPE of employment for 6 months and when I finally did I got a clerical position that requires no type of secondary education (but I won't complain because of the 10 other people in my department that I got laid off with I am the ONLY one that has found a job, and it's been almost a year since we were laid off) Trust me, we're not being picky.

The company I worked for has laid off roughly 3/4 of it's entire work force in the past year. (It totals to about 1,500 people)

The last job I had they hired a male for the same type of position I had who was my age, education level, and had less experience than I, but he received $6,000.00 more a year.

My most recent supervisor told me that he would not teach me anything about my position or job duties because he didn't want to "bother" to teach me anything since I am a young married woman who will "probably start a family soon" and leave the company. He is in his late 40's.

Sorry if I sound terribly jaded but I am normally a nice easy going person but when I hear about "all the jobs that are in Pittsburgh" and "Stay invent PA" and then hear about lay offs I just go ballistic.

I know that not everyone in Pittsburgh has had problems with their careers like I have but trust me, there are a lot of us out there. Of the friends I have from High School and College (Penn State) only one resides in Pittsburgh and one more lives near Penn State. All the others, say about 25 young people, don't even live in Pennsylvania.

I really feel that Pittsburgh's main industry will soon become health care and hospitals. Our "Baby Boomer" population is increasing in age and so they need more health care, etc. But what happens after that Generation has passed on? Will we see hospitals close because there are less patients? At this point I don't see Pittsburgh attracting a lot of other types of industries to fill the void.

And to hear that UPMC is laying people off does not give me much comfort as a student who is trying to get into nursing school. But, with the way the economy is lots of businesses are "re-structuring" and re-organizing to save money so UPMC is probably just following suit.

I also read an article yesterday that a hospital in Washington County is expanding by a great number of beds. But I wonder how other area hospitals are doing.

Pittsburgh is a nice town with a low cost of living, etc. And I just consider myself extremely lucky that my interest and desire to become a nurse will allow me to stay in Pittsburgh because of our numerous nursing schools and health institutions. But if it weren't for that I'd been out of here a long time ago.

Just my 2 cents and really, I am a very nice, reasonable, and kind person who doesn't like confrontation, but just don't get me started on job opportunities in Pittsburgh. I feel my BP rising!


I went to nursing school in Pittsburgh. I am not a native of the city, but I would have stayed there if I could have found a job. I had to move 500 miles away to get my first nursing job. I've never been back, except for a brief visit.


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our main industry already is health care

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