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I need to know... can these heal on their own for, say, a very, very, pin-sized hole in the sacral area? Or is surgical intervention the ONLY way to get this condition to close up?

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about as simply put as can be, it is an abscess in the butt crack. yes, they require surgical intervention and often take a great deal of time to heal. i have had a handful of patients with them and they were really difficult to heal. each of these patient's required surgery. you will find a lot of information about them on this website: http://www.pilonidal.org/


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I have a pilonidal cyst. Had it since I was 18 years old. I have had to have it cut open 3 times and it drained. The doctor would pack the opening to let it drain. It is very painful, I do know that but the Dr. told me there is no guarantee that if I received the surgery it wouldn't come back. So I take my chances. I am 40 now and have had 3 kids. No full blow surgery as of yet!

I know a couple other people that have the same condition and only had to have it lanced open once. So it all depends on the person! Everyone is different. I would suggest having it lanced first and see how you do. Then decided for yourself if you want the surgery!

Good luck! I feel for you......:cry:

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