Pikeville College (KY) Alternate list


I recieved my letter a couple days ago that I was selected as an alternate for the ADN program. What should I expect. Do they rank the alternates, and would it be ok for me to ask where I stand on the alternate list? Should I start to prepare myself for the nursing program? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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That's strange that they didn't give an alternate number. I did ...it was three at BCTC's LPN program.


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My letter said that i was chosen as an alternate, if a student could notattend for any reason I would be notified and offered the position.. i just wonder if they all say the same thing..

fingers crossed!..

Good luck to you!


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Maybe that means you're next in line since they did'nt give you a number! Fingers crossed for you, too!


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It is definately okay to ask the nursing dept. staff about your status...and yes, each applicant is numbered by GPA, ACT score, classes completed, etc. ! Someone who was accepted into the program may have been accepted somewhere else and decide to decline their position at PC. Occasionally, someone will decide at the last minute that they don't actually want to begin the nursing program and a slot will open up. You should tentatively be prepared to start the program, but also have a "plan B" in mind. It could actually be near the first week of school before you would have a definate answer!! Good Luck!!

I got into the program for the fall. I hope you make it too! Just in case go ahead and get all your financial aid straightened out for this college and your alternate, I'm sure that a lot of people like me got accepted to Prestonsburg campus too, or even decided to go to National (they have a September start), so they won't be going (but I'm definitely going to Pikeville, best program around hands down).