Piedmont Cardiovascular Residency

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Hello all,

If anyone has any insight about the cardiovascular nurse residency at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, I would be very appreciative. Thanks so much!

I heard from a guy that finished his residency that he did 2 12's on the floor, an 8 on the floor and 1 day of classroom per week for 12 or 13 weeks. Hope that helps...

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Does anyone know if Piedmont is still hiring new grads for any of the nurse residencies? Thanks so much.

Gamommy, I'm not sure if they are still hiring, but if I remember correctly, you have your Associate's, and I believe Piedmont only hires BSNs. Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I also have my Associates and was fortunate to land a position where I've been working for two years, but I know my classmates who had not been employed there weren't even considered. Even some who did work there weren't offered positions. The trend is very much toward the BSN at the moment. Good luck to you!

I have an ASN and I went through the residency at piedmont. I'm currently still employed by them and my clinical manager is also an ASN grad.

Well, I stand corrected. Thank you for the info! :)

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Thanks for the information everyone. I am still waiting to hear something from Piedmont. They said that until I get an email notification stating that I am no longer under consideration, I am still under consideration. In what department are you all working in? Best wishes to all of you.

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