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In all of my doctor appointments, PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) has been "could" be a cause of my pain, etc. My question is this, are STD's the only way you can get PID? I ask, because I don't honestly know how I could have gotten one. I would never suspect my husband of cheating and before I even ask him about it, I think I should have all the facts. I have not been diagnosed yet, but I certainly think I need to address the issue if it's a possibility.



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I was mis diagnosed with PID . I had a SEVERE yeast infection. The quack didn't do a vaginal exam. He didn't run any tests on me [blood or otherwise].

Don't believe everything your dr. tells you!! Look up the s/s and see if they match your symptoms.

Take care and good luck!!

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some symptoms match, some don't. We have been going through this for months now. I have had 4 vaginal exams, three in the last six weeks. I go for a CT scan on Saturday and my dr. has taken vaginal cultures and urine. I don't want to jump to conclusions with my husband, but I also want to nip the problem in the bud if he has been cheating on me, KWIM? I also have three doctors trying to figure this out!!! LOL! An OB/GYN, GP and GI dr.


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when do you get the results of your cultures?? didn't they test you for std's during your prenatals?

Unless you guys are having problems, try to stay postive till you have the facts..I am so sorry you have been going through all this. I can't imagine chronic pain like you have been experiencing..or all the testing.... hang in there mama. ((((((((((((((cnb2b))))))))))

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Thanks nurseunderwater....they took the cultures Friday so it will probably be another couple days I would guess. She is only going to call me if they find something, not if they are okay. They did test me for STD's during my prenatals, but what if he has been having fun on the side since I had Bryce? I am just so confused and want a d*mn answer. Forgive the expletive but I am sooo sick of feeling this way and now there is an emotional factor as well.


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Like someone else had mentioned..... I would investigate all possible causes for your pain before jumping to conclusions. I was diagnosed with PID too...and it ended up being a severe case of endometriosis. I had a fever, my white count was up,etc. I assume they figured it must have been an infection...hence the PID diagnosis. Later on, I found out that I had infection type symptoms because of the severe inflammation from the endometriosis. I know this must be awful for you and I truly will be thinking of you lots!!! Feel better soon and I hope everything turns out for the best. Lets us know what happens , if you don't mind. the way.....when I was diagnosed with PID, the doctor did tell me that you can get PID from other sources (other than sexual). He said bacteria from stool, bacteria from tampon use, or even your "normal flora" going crazy can cause this condition. Hope this helps....




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Std's are not the only way you can get PID!!!

I had a miscarriage in the 2 years ago in the 4th month, gave birth then a month later started to hemmorhage majorly!! I had to have an emergency D&C r/t some "left over" placenta in the uterus... 2 days later I had severe pain and fever (thought I had appendix problems) turned out I had a raging PID all through my abdomen because of the D&C. A big ole dose of antibiotics cleared it up, but now I am terrified to get pregnant again because of the scarring to tubes and possible ectopic pregnancy.

Any introduction to foriegn flora can cause an infection...

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This is all sooo good to hear, though I already asked dh about his sexual encounters...Of which he swears there are none. I truly believe him. They are thinking of doing a laparoscopy if all else fails so we can get a true answer as to what this is. I DO have a slight bladder infection as well.

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Basically any way you introduce foreign bacteria/ viruses "up there" can cause PID if they pass thru the cervix, like if it is open due to menstruation, trauma or changes in the mucus. Unwashed hand used to retrieve a diaphragm or handling the outside of a tampon, fellatio with a cold followed by penetration- you get the picture.

I had the same diagnosis, PID. One day, out of the blue, a nurse said I shouldn't worry about the diagnosis of PID because it was sometimes used to justify the insurance payment. (gasp!) Until then, I had no clue that PID was anything other than "pelvic inflammatory disease," or that I should be concerned about any hidden meanings or connotations.

In fact, my "PID" came about secondary to a horrible infection I got from an IUD. I've always thought that the doc (who had problems of his own, for sure) purposely contaminated the thing as he inserted it. It hurt from moment one and within a week I had a raging fever--had to go in for a D & C.

I had had an IUD years before with *no* problems. They did a good prep (betadine douche, etc.), used a mask, sterile technique. This second guy did nothing, nada. He was an MD with a big practice in OB/GYN, and I trusted him because he seemed to have a good reputation. I think I'm lucky all I got was PID, a lot of pain over the years and an eventual hysterectomy. I easily could have died.

So here was my horrible infection, one single course of antibiotics, I dunno, whaddya think? Maybe it had something to do with all the PID I had later?

So, no, PID doesn't always come from STD's. But since a lot of women who have PID also have STD's, and the STD's probably were a contributing factor in those cases, there is either a) the misconception that all PID's are r/t STD's or b) a lot of us who have inflamed pelves who are being misdiagnosed.....

We oughta start a support group. Take care of yourself, hon.

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Thanks Chris and Chaya...I am just hoping and praying that my diagnosis is something "simple" like PID or IBS. Anything that they can treat would be great! My biggest fear is that these dr's are completely missing something. I think my GP thinks my OB is not doing his job completely and this is why she is ordering the CT scan. If nothing shows up there, she is going to do a vaginal u/s to double check and then and only then will I have a laparoscopy done by my OB. Then again, if the birth control pills they have started me on take the pain away, they may do nothing more.

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