Nurses not wearing gloves

  1. I have a 3yr old cousin in the PICU. Very sick to say the least. He has come down with MRSA of the sputum. Everytime I have been to see him the nurses there do not wear gloves! What's the deal? I wear gloves with ANY patient contact. The nurse got flustered when I asked her about it. She says she washed her hands and washed her hands after she drew blood from his Art line. I am so upset about this. My cousin is already immunocompromised. What's up with so many nurses not wearing gloves? I have witnessed them connecting and disconnecting IV's and now draw blood. I know I'm not overreacting about this, but the nurses really start to get an attitude when confronted about it.
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  3. by   AprilRNhere
    Gloves aren't needed for ALL pt contact. I definately use gloves when drawing blood from an Art line though!
  4. by   AprilRNhere
    oh- um...just re-read your post. They aren't using gloves even now that he's MRSA +? They should be gloved, gowned, and masked!
  5. by   Designer NP
    I don't mind them touching him without gloves (although he does have MRSA, that's on them) but I have seen nurses give him his IV meds and suction him and draw blood without gloves. That's just not right. That's not what we learned in nursing school!
  6. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I don't usually wear gloves when I give IV meds unless it's a cytotoxic, or one of the half-dozen I'm allergic to. But our hospital policy for MRSA is gloves, gown and mask at a all times when in the room. Speak to the patient care manager. If it continues, speak to the infection control nurse.
  7. by   HeartsOpenWide
    I saw doc touch a woman's gangrene MRSA feet with bare hands (she was not wearing the gown either), and walk out without washing her hands and continued her day. It was my second semester and I was totally shocked and too scared to say anything. Its not about whether or not they mind touching other people its about standard precautions for other patients safety.
  8. by   SleekRN
    What can I say, Its the nurse's discretion...or should I say common sense? Its a matter of conscience... we could give the infection or vice versa right? What I learned from nursing school is everytime wecould make contact on body fluids and the like, we should wear gloves...we should should also know if our patient is immunocompromise then we should do what is right. remember we are NURSES
  9. by   nursebea02
    If the nurse give you attitude, then get the charge nurse. If you get no where with that, then go up further. The nurse should be wearing gloves, period when drawing blood. Furthermore, the patient is MRSA positive and they are suctioning without gloves. NO NO NO NO! This is NOT up to the nurse's DISCRETION! (as someone mentioned) That is DIRECT patient contact and the nurse should be wearing gloves. It's to protect the nurse as well as protect the rest of the patients from getting MRSA! It's a resistant form of staph....Where are these people being educated?
    Anyway, SPEAK UP .... "YOU Touch my cousin, YOU wear gloves. Period. Don't like it, get your charge nurse in here. Thanks."
  10. by   pcicurn7
    yep, as has been previously mentioned, anyone with MRSA goes on contact precautions, gloves, mask, gown. what i dont understand is why ANYONE, let alone a nurse that has to go and deal with another patient, would want to even touch someone with MRSA without gloves. That's asking for trouble...i dont care how good your handwashing technique might be, its just not good care.

    As also previously mentioned, i dont know about your hospital, but our patient care director (aka nurse manager) makes the rounds in each room, talking to the family, making sure everything is up to par. This would be a great opportunity to bring it up, without having to mention names (if you dont feel like, that is). If he/she doesnt make rounds, then just go looking for that person. Its obviously a unit-wide problem that needs to be addressed, so that would be the first person i would contact.

    if no one listens, your next contact should be the infectious disease dept.
  11. by   Designer NP
    Thanks. I have already followed up with infection control because the nurses on the unit were not in compliance with this. I have since noticed that the gloves, gown and mask are now on!