Got sick at work

  1. I got sick at work today - felt dizzy, upset stomach - I obviously had to go home, someone was nice enough to give me a ride home. But.. what I now worry about is that since I am a new RN in the PICU I am worried that this might look bad, or that I can't hack it, or somehow taint my orientation. I really like the PICU, but I don't know what made me feel so yucky today -perhaps it was because I hadn't eaten, and had a poor night sleep. I think I now just feel embarassed. Has anyone ever gotten sick at work and had to go home and still recovered. My care for my patient was not compromised because as soon as I felt sick, I let someone know, and gave updates about my patient to my preceptor.

    --feeling embarassed
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  3. by   km5v6r
    Don't worry about it; it happens. You did the right thing in talking with your preceptor and leaving. Heck you even had to have someone else drive you home. Your preceptor was much happier sending you home then filling out the incident report from you fainting in the hall or puking into that new surgical incision.
  4. by   vamedic4
    It happens occasionally, don't worry about it!!!! Just make sure you do the right thing while at work...washing your hands being most important. Sometimes these things just can't be avoided, don't feel bad.

    had a few sick nights myself
  5. by   gonzo1
    last winter I suddenly felt very sick near end of shift. Sat down in nursing station and preceded to "ralph". This got me a bed and a shot of phenergan for a couple of hours. At least no one questioned whether I was really sick or not when I called off work that night.
    It is not unusual to get sick shortly after starting a new job, esp as a new nurse. I have seen this countless times and heard many stories. It has something to do with our bodies breaking down with the stress of the new job and environment. You will recover and make sure you take care of yourself by eating right and getting enough sleep.
  6. by   PICURN74
    just the other day one of our attendings was helping in our sickest kids room, he started to gag when the patient had some yellow bubbles come out of his nose, luckily there was a basin on the table beside me and I was able to grab it in time otherwise he would have vomited all over the patient. He bought be lunch the next day and we all moved on, everyone has their thing that triggers them. Move on, take care of yourself and remember you are human and things like this happen.
  7. by   Ruby Vee
    it's pretty common to get sick at work -- especially on a new job. when you think about how much time we spend at work . . .

    on my last job, i had menstrual cramps so bad i actually passed out from the pain, right at the nurse's station! that was pretty embarressing, but about a month later, i suddenly became nauseated during report. i didn't want to throw up on the off-going nurse, so i ran into the patient's bathroom where i had projectile emesis all over the wall! turned around, and there was my nurse manager watching me do it. ewwww! i ended up staying for 14 years, though, and they didn't hold it against me.

    this job, i had a grande double latte one morning and ended up going to the er with a heart rate in the 200s. that was embarressing, too!
  8. by   vamedic4
    I must agree with others here...things happen. Don't feel embarassed at all, you're only human. And working with other "sick" people, we all have a tendency to fall ill, even at the most inopportune times.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Glad I'm off tomorrow.