Gave my heart away again. (long) - page 3

I just needed to talk. Work called this evening and they are withdrawing on one of our chronic kids. He was fine when I left work yesterday. He was trying to launch into orbit in the bouncy chair.... Read More

  1. by   km5v6r
    turns out, not even knowing it, the funeral director put in his all-time favourite rattle, the first toy my little man ever reached for on his own!

    God does work in mysterious ways.
  2. by   DDRN4me
    I am glad you went to the funeral and it sounds like it helped you. Please allow yourself the time to remember him. I like to keep a pic of my kiddos with me for a while... reminds me that they are gone but still with me ... and there will be another little soul that will touch your heart someday, trust me. You sound like a wonderful, compassionate nurse. God put you in this little boys life to care for him until He was ready to take him back to Heaven. as i said before , think of him happy and laughing and playing in heaven... that is his reward. Peace to you my friend
  3. by   glb1960
    I swear this is the best and the worst that we as nurses do/have to do. I haven't been able to talk myself into going to the funeral of any of my kids yet. Not sure if I would handle it very well.

    Good nurse. God bless. Get up and take care of another one tomorrow, because that's what we do!
  4. by   CathyRNCCS
    Hang in there, kiddo. It sure isn't easy to do what's important.