PICC Nurse in need of x-ray education

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I am actually a PICC nurse but I want to be able to clear my own chest x-rays without having to wait for a radiologist to read the x-ray and say the PICC is ok to use. That usually takes about an hour. I can tell if a PICC is good but I need some type of education to back me up.

I've heard of classes where they teach how to read just chest x-rays...has anyone else heard of this? The guy I spoke to took it about 10 years ago.

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Position statement (no pun intended! ;) ) of an Infusion Nursing organization re: RN checking cxr for PICC tip placement:

RN's viewing x-rays for PICC tip placement | Infusion Nurse Blog

Discussion of same on an IV therapy BB:

Policy for nurses determining proper placment of a PICC line by reviewing an xray | IV-Therapy.net

A CEU offering:

How to Read a Chest X-Ray, Part 1 | CE697 > Continuing Education Unit at Nurse.com

Main idea from above sites is to have the RN do a prelim reading, followed by the Radiologist's official read.

Check with your state's BON re: scope of practice, then if within scope, write policy and clear it through proper facility channels. Obtain training needed (as outlined in policy) and you should be good to go!



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Yea that's how I've heard of nurses doing it in the past. Just ok for use but the radiologist still reading the X-ray.

Thanks so much for the links !!