PICC line certification - Asset to the new grad?


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I am a RN now! :yeah:

On to my question: A home health care company I talked to requires new grad RNs to have PICC line certification in order to work. The certification is pretty pricey. I was wondering if this is a certification that does carry over into acute care in the same way ACLS and PALS do, or does it sound more like a company specific requirement that will not necessarily be recognized if I choose to work in acute care?

I have never seen acute care job postings mentioning any formal PICC line certification.

What do you think?

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If you are going to apply for this position in home health, apply and in your cover letter express that if offered a job you will attain certification right away. however, do not pay for a certification you don't need! If you chose to work in acute care settings later on and that is a required certification (like any other required certification), it will be paid for by the employer.

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Hi NICU_babyRN,

The company asks new grads to pay for the certification (over $200) and will reimburse for half. This is not super easy for me at this time but I was wondering if it will be useful in the way ACLS is useful if I decide to work in other areas of nursing.

Thanks for your reply.

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Is that for inserting lines?

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Hello That Guy,

Yes, the course includes PICC line insertion.

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I can't see it being very beneficial in an typical acute care hospital. In most facilities I have been seen/heard about, the doctors or a special team insert the PICC. It's not in the hospital's policy to allow an RN to do it. Unless you are hired specifically to insert the lines, you'll probably never have to perform the task in practice. Like an RN position, hospitals who are hiring someone to insert PICCs will want an experienced person. Not a newly licensed, newly PICC certified grad.

I wouldn't waste the money unless you're hired.