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Physiology Paper Topic Suggestions


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(wasnt getting any responses in the nursing students forums so I thought I'd try here... TIA!)

Hello Fellow Nursing Students & Nurses!!

I'm currently finishing my last two pre-reqs before entering the Nursing program. Just have Physiology and Micro, then I'm finally DONE!, and in the program! :D

I just started Physiology this week and we need to submit our topics for a 10 page research paper by next week. The topics can be anything having to do with "Human Disease". She recommended choosing a topic close to us, meaning we've had some experience with in our own lives. Well, I consider myself very lucky because I havent had much "disease" in my life so I want to choose a topic that is current, interesting, and having to do with something that maybe nurses experience often. I would like to incorporate nursing into this paper in some way. Any one have any interesting suggestions for a topic? I've found myself interested in blood, the heart, Emergency Room nursing, and respiratory. But wouldnt restrict myself to those. I'm also male, so maybe something that men deal with? I dont know... I'm all over the place... I just want to do well, and be creative! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Well shoot.. I thought this would be great, except most people wouldn't have experience with it (hopefully)... its all types of shock from cardiogenic to hypovolemic to septic... cool physiology. You wouldn't run out of what to talk about that is for sure.:heartbeat


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Great! Thanks! I'm going to start doing some research! Thanks again for the idea!

... only thing, you might want to shoot off an email to your prof. if she means "disease" to mean something e.g. bacterial in origin, or for instance something like HTN, CHF etc. only. (Congestive heart failure, right and left-sided is cool too) depending on what your prof.'s focus is.


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How about menigococcemia? I saw a case in my peds clinical rotation and it is a doozy! I will never forget it.

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Some respiratory idesa are COPD and asthma......we see these all the time. You can always do the number one killer ....heart disease. If you want to do something unique that no one else may choose I would do Syndrome of Inappopriate Secretion of Antidiuretic Hormone. I always thought this was interesting and once wrote a really awesome report on it.


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Great! Thanks for the ideas! I'll start researching them! I'm very appreciative! Thanks again!

What about congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA)? I know it's not a disease that has to do with the systems that you mentioned you're interested in, but this disease absolutely fascinated me the first time that I heard about it. Many complications can arise from CIPA, the main one being that the person is very prone to injuries because they can't feel any pain. CIPA is also a very rare disease (less than 100 cases documented in the U.S.) so chances are that no one else in your class will pick this topic and it's very likely that your professor has never heard of it either.

Just an idea...Best of luck with your paper.

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You could choose a topic that you'll see a lot when you begin working. That way, you'd be better equipped sooner with your knowledge. Some suggestions are:

diabetes - lots there with all the impact on other systems, or you could talk about conditions like acidosis or alkalosis, and all the great chemistry involved, if you like cardiothorascic, how about pneumonia or MI, angina, and oooh! CHF.

Best of luck on your paper.

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