Physiology and Microbiology same semester


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I'm doing the same thing as well. I've got no choice. I just need Chem, Anat, Physio, and Mocro. This semester is Anatomy and Chemistry.

I'm hoping I could take Physiology and Microbiology in the Spring.

Good luck to us!!


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Thanks! I am just debating on whether to take those 2 together or take Micro with A&P 1 during the summer. Hopefully I will be able to do it! Good luck to you too! What state are you in?


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I'm in California. If you do take Physiology and Micro which I have to. Use the coloring books to help you. Also, search Guyton & Hall for a physiology pocketbook. It's so small and you can read while in bed.

It's mostly used by medical students, but it has everything in your physiology textbook. Good luck!

Don't forget to check! It might save your GPA:smokin:

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