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Does anyone know of a PHRN course/class offered near Pittsburgh or Western PA? I would like to become a PHRN and although I understand you can challenge the Paramedic test and plan to do so I would feel more comfortable taking some sort of prep-class first. I purchased the Paramedic books and such but I'm getting bogged down with studying on my own and it would also help to know what to focus on for the test. I think I would fair better with having some sort of prep class but surching the board and the Net I found only one mention of a PHRN course near Phillidelphia. Thats just a bit to far of a commute for me and I'm looking for something closer!! I'd even consider taking the time off work and traveling if I found a "boot camp" program but the one I did read about in Philly was a 6 month long program :( If anyone can help or offer some suggestions I would greatly appreciate it!!! Thanks!!



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Check your PM.


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Could you PM me the information as well? I've recently become interested in the PHRN certification.


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Try the Center for Emergency Medicine, part of UPMC. They have a 48 hour Paramedic Refresher Class. Don't know if the class is required to challenge the paramedic exam or not. I think their website is: I don't know if there are any other places to take the class.

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I would contact EMSI, the regional EMS Council for the Pittsburgh area. 412-242-7322

They should be able to give you some information on courses in this area. They are the ones that deal with your application for PHRN. Good luck!


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I have two PHRN positions open in Philadelphia for ambulance transport company working with Veterans critical transports. This is a permament, fulltime position. you can email me your resume to

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