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Phoenix Children's New Grad Program


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Hi All,

Getting tired of "stalking" PCH's facebook page. Does anyone have any inside scoop on the GAPP program or know any PCH employees that can offer some info as to whether there will even be a program offered within this year?


I volunteer there and personally I have given up hope ~ this is the only "insider" information that I have, and it isn't much.

I wouldn't hold my breath for another GAPP program anytime in the near future. They took a TON of new grads last Spring & Summer, maybe too many?? They had a class that started in March, but only internal candidates were allowed to apply (FYI - volunteers aren't considered internal) and even then they only took 5 new grads. That being said if and when there is another GAPP class who knows if it will even be open to outsiders, and even if it is internal candidates are still given priority acceptance into the program. Hope that helps.

ro2878, ADN, BSN

Specializes in school nursing; pediatrics. Has 9 years experience.

Well that is not good news! I am actually going to the volunteer info meeting tomorrow. I have tons of volunteer experience but thought by being at PCH I would be privy to some "inside scoop" or have some kind of advantage. Guess not! I will still go tomorrow.

If you don't mind me asking, are you currently working? I graduated 12/11 and am not working. I did work as a ped med asst for 3 yrs before RN school and did my preceptorship in the NICU at Scottsdale Shea. I know peds is the only place that I will be happy working! I can work with any Pt population but peds is definitely where I belong!

Even though I am 99% sure that my volunteering at PCH isn't going to lead to a job there I still volunteer one day at week, because I do think it is an incredible hospital. And no, I'm not working yet :banghead: I graduated 12/11 also.

P.S. Did you apply to the Scottsdale Healthcare Fellowship program??

ro2878, ADN, BSN

Specializes in school nursing; pediatrics. Has 9 years experience.

I would have liked to apply but I only have an ADN - I graduated college in 1986 with a BS. While I was contemplating calling HR and asking if they would make an exception, the application closed! Because there are the 2 different new grad programs (the BSN & the ADN) and because I am sure there were 1,000 applicants, I was fairly sure SHC would not make the exception. Oh the dreaded "ADN vs BSN!!"

I am assuming you applied? Good luck to you if you did!

I did, and thanks for the good luck wishes. I haven't heard anything either way yet.................

Volunteers CAN count as internal. I think it all depends on how many applicants they have, but it's how I got my foot in the door. There were a-lot of GAPP nurses taken in last year, so I don't know if they're planning on another group just yet. Get to know the clinical educator on your volunteer floor...they will be able to give you the best idea of when another GAPP group will start.

I guess I didn't mean to imply that volunteers are never considered internal applicants, but when it comes to GAPP volunteers aren't given internal status ~ that is what I was told by PCH. But if/when there is a GAPP class open to internal and external applicants, I know that volunteers are reviewed before the general public...................................

ro2878, ADN, BSN

Specializes in school nursing; pediatrics. Has 9 years experience.

For whatever it's worth, I just today submitted my volunteer application. Guess it can't hurt! Besides, might as well do something valuable with my time since I am not working. Definitely miss being around little peds patients!

What type of position are you applying to??

And like I said, even though I am pretty sure it's not going to result in a job, I'm going to continue volunteering there until I am hired somewhere!! I think it is an incredible place, and I love the time I spent there. Good luck with the job hunt!!! I know how frustrating it is!!

ro2878, ADN, BSN

Specializes in school nursing; pediatrics. Has 9 years experience.

I listed Nurse Assistant, Hospital Playrooms, Animal Assisted Therapy Escort, Main Surgery Waiting, & Reach Out and Read as my choices.

Which area do you volunteer in?

I'm a nurse assistant. I definitely feel like it is the volunteer position that has the most "hands on" patient interaction.

ro2878, ADN, BSN

Specializes in school nursing; pediatrics. Has 9 years experience.

I figured that would have the most hands on contact. I'll keep you posted where I wind up.

BTW, I saw on your other post that you did not get offered a chance to interview for the SHC fellowship position. Sorry!!

You'll love it!! Good luck with the interview process and everything :)

And yeah, "Thanks, but no thanks" from SHC :( Stinks.