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Philippine licensed RN, Canadian licensed RPN seeking US RN job

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Hello. I am a licensed RN back in the Philippines and a CGFNS passer back i 1992. I migrated in Canada thinking that I could still pursue my career as a Nurse but it's not easy to become an RN here because it is too expensive from the evaluation process from the CNO to the RN exam so, I opted for an RPN exam since I was allowed to take the RPN exam only because of my credentials back home. I am already a Canadian citizen and I am planning to take the US Nclex-RN. I need advise on this. Thanks.

If you are planning on living and working in Canada, why are you taking the US-NCLEX?

Canada has it's own version

Hi, I am a Philippine licensed RN and a CGFNS passer and currently a citizen in Canada. I have an RPN license here and is planning to work in the U.S. as an RN. I have a family as well and might consider migrating to the U.S. if given a chance to work there. Can somebody help me out on the process on how to take the NCLEX-RN exam and the Visa as well? Thank you.

Don't know if you qualify for a NAFTA visa. You'll have to check with the government

At first I had plans in living and working here but I realized that it would take a lot of money and wasted energy of practicing here as an RN due to their policy. I took the RPN exam here because they allowed me just to take the exam because of my experience back in the Philippines but being licensed does not guarantee a hospital or at least a nursing home job here in Toronto. They still need other certificates and additional courses that you should take up ( i.e. Physical Assessment certificate, Safe Medication Administration, etc) before they consider hiring you. If you're opting to pursue the RN, I should be taking up bridging courses in schools and the Tuition and Fees are expensive. They have their own version of the NCLEX I know but one should take the OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) in order to take the said examination. So I'd rather pursue my RN career in the U.S. and take the US-NCLEX exam in that regard.

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Starting point would be meeting state requirements and obtaining eligibility to sit NCLEX and then pass NCLEX. Then look at what visa you plan on living and working in the US with and see what their requirements are

Those certificates are part of the basic education and they are job postings that haven't been updated to reflect the changes in the diploma PN education.

If you hold a valid practice permit, you are considered to have them.

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You'll have to pick which state you want to work and start licensing process with that state. Then when licensed, you'll have to apply for jobs. As a Canadian citizen you are okay to apply for TN visa but you need a job offer, license of that state, and a visa screen from CGFNS.


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