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So I've been on phentermine for weight loss from January to June. I got an email today an offer letter for a job that I applied for 2 weeks ago. So I did all my background check and everything except for my drug test on Tuesday. I called my hiring manager but she is out till Wednesday. I know I will test positive on my urine test. I really want her to know before my drug test. Anyone here been on my situation before? I need to ease my mind. Thanks

Do you have a script?

Yes the weight loss clinic gave me one. I wanted to give one copy to my hiring manager but she is out and be back on Wednesday. I got a good offer on this job and i don't want things to go wrong:(

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Typically it's not your manager who is going to be asking for the script- it will most likely be the lab doing the test.

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bring it to employee health, no one else needs to know that. I am on medications that I have prescriptions for. When I test, I present the scripts and my manager gets a report that all is good.

Employee health is supposed to abide by HIPAA as though they are your provider.

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