Pharmacology at Joliet Junior College in Joliet, IL


Has anyone taken their online course from here? I am worried because it is all online and the only time you go into meet is when you take your exams. Has anyone taken this course, if so, can you tell me what type of questions are on the exams. Are they multiple choice, fill in blank or select all that apply? How many chapters per test?

Should I start reading ahead, if so, what book do they use?

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While I've not attended JJC, I did take Pharmacology online. I'm not gonna lie, it's a tough course! Especially when you're basically on your own. Our course was recorded voice-over PowerPoints and reading assignments. They also included Med Math in with Pharm. I would highly suggest looking in the Nursing Student Assistance forum for Pharmacology flash cards. They will be VERY helpful. Make your flash cards with all the info you need (e.g. generic/trade name, classification, mechanism of action, adverse effects, therapeutic effect, dosage info, etc.) and STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!!! This is one class where skimming info just doesn't work. It's a LOT of memorization.

I found it easier to remember the meds by grouping them by how they affect the body. It just made sense to me. You'll need to discover what works best for you as you go through the class.

Good luck! I was able to pass with a 4.0, so don't give up :)


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I took it. It's all multiple choice. I got an A in the class. You should be able to just use power points to study for exams. Just be very sure to turn all assignments in on time. That's where people lost points for not replying to posts on time.


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is the instructor helpful if you have a question about an assignment?