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Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew of some good resources for studying for the pharmacology hesi exam. So far I'm doing practice questions on Saunders. Are there any other good resources that I could use?

I'm worried because I totally bombed my second pharm exam. My grade is hovering at a 79 and we need at least a 80 to pass. I have one more exam and the final. Right after the final we take the hesi exam and its worth 10 percent of our grade. So if I'm passing the class with a 80 and totally bomb the hesi exam I will fail the class. I need to do really well on these two exams and fairly decent on the hesi exam.


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I'm sorry you are having a rough time with pharm. I'm trying to remember what I did to study since I aced my 2 pharm HESIs. I obviously don't know what your course focuses on or what textbook you use, but with the Evolve (elsevier) website you can get free access to the questions at the end of the chapters. My school used the Lehne text and I did all those questions on evolve. I also did the questions in the Hogans Pharmacology Reviews and Rationale. Another great resource for just pharm questions that I used for my second course is the Davis Pharmacology Success book.

I helped a classmate who was struggling refine her studying habits. I found she was trying to memorize everything and that's just not possible. Make sure you are paying attention to things that are different- I call them the hallmarks of the drug. For instance, with ACE Inhibitors you get the ACE cough, etc. Good luck!


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Thanks for the suggestions. We use workman pharm textbook. I do the questions in evolve and I also do the chapters in the supplemental workbook that accompany the textbook. I have the Davis Pharm success book. I'm going to look into getting the Hogans book. At this point any additional resources will only help me become successful.


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