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I just finished my first semester of nursing school - straight A's - yeah! We started pharmacology last Sunday, and already I feel very freaked out! Does anyone have any study tips, helpful ideas that got them thru pharm? Did you guys think the boxed drug cards helped?

Thanks for any advice!

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I hated Pharmacology, ugh, it gives me hives just thinking about it. Repetition, repetition, repetition is the key. I made my own drug cards, I think writing the info down helped me.


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There's a book called Straight A's to Pharmacology that saved my life. I also made my own note cards, read the required pharm book and spent many days in my professors office trying to understand the lessons. It's hard but you can be done. Just take everything one day at a time.

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Arrrgh!! I detested pharmacology too. I found it good to know the classes b/c you knew what it did along with the actual drug names.

I made note cards too and just reread them anytime that I had a chance. I ended up buying the Incredibly easy series on pharm for nurses b/c I despised our pharm text book. Also, if there are ones that you are having an especially tough time remembering, make up a stupid song/saying and just sing it over and over.

Information that you might want to put on your cards are: Name, class, action of the drug, SE, AE, and how, by looking or examining the patient that you know it has been effective.

Hope some of this helps and good luck.

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ashemson, I just started pharm on 6/1/05. Thanks for posting this thread, I'm sure I'll also be needing advise soon. (we are currently in the first 4 introductory chapters of basic math calculations & principles of drug actions & interactions)

What books so you have? We are using Mosby's Basic Pharmacology for Nurses 13th edition by Clayton/Stock & Mosby's Calculations of Drug Dosages 7th edition work book by Ogden.

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