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Currently, in an FNP program and I am having trouble with pharmacology. Does anyone have a suggestion about a study guide that might help? Thanks

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Have you tried writing out a visual sheet with all of the information for the drug and/or drug class? I tried using flashcards and it didn't work for me -- now I am currently using visuals and writing out my information on more than one occasion to quiz myself...


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No I have not tried that but I can. The professor is new and he doesn't seem to focus on any particular drug so I am not even sure what information is needed. I am just very overwhelmed. Should I include drug name, class, mechanism of action? Thanks for the advice.

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I would focus on:

- Drug class

- Background info about why they use the drug (basic details)

- Drugs included in the class


- Dosage

- Contraindications

- Adverse Events/Interactions

- Monitoring

- Patient Education

When studying, I would focus more on the class of drugs and the information you need to know. Some drugs in the same class may have different MOA -- so focus on those. Also, it's easier to study and remember what is DIFFERENT about each drug class/drug versus what is the same.


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A few questions for you.

1) What background as a healthcare provider do you have?

2) What subject in pharmacology are you currently in? The usual standard in that class is focus on a specific system (endocrine, cardiac etc.)

3) What exactly have you having trouble with? Are you getting the big picture but confusing the smaller facts or confusing entire drug classes?


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I used youtube videos based on the USMLE exams. This was VERY helpful when it came to antibiotics. I am a visual learner and like to hear and see it versus reading it. So I took notes off of youtube videos :)