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Petrified of clinicals/CPNE - what to do?


Has 12 years experience.

i am thinking seriously of signing up for the lpn to rn thru indiana state or Excelsior. however, i am petrified[:uhoh3:) of clinicals. i think it goes back to my nursing school days. i felt absolutely abused and tormented, and believe it or not it still makes my stomach ache to even think about it. never mind perform adequately. am considering the lpn to bsn just to avoid it..my question is, am i crazy or what? does anyone else feel like i do? it's really the only reason it's holding me back from going any further.

please help :o i am really in a quandry about this...



I think everyone is. You just have to make p your mind that this is too important to let anything scare you off. As for the Excelsior route, you can just study take your exams, and cross the CPNE bridge when you get to it.

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