Pertinent Labs for a pt. with a DVT


My nursing school requires us to do a client profile on 2 people in our clinicals. I am doing one on a pt. with a DVT and a hx of kidney transplant. I know the obvious labs to include are platelet, PTT, INR, BUN, Creatinine, and the major electrolytes. I would also include an radiology images and consults as well. What others would you guys suggest that I add? FYI I also have to put the significance of the results to the client's condition, a DVT, as well as why are they being repeated.

Thanks for the advice in advance. I am having a major malfunction in my brain from this part of the profile. I feel like there are other tests that I am missing.

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We will help with home work but we want to see what you have first. What does your text say. Is this a real patient?

Medscape is a great source requires registration but it is FREE!!!!! Google is your friend

Diagnostic Work-up for VTE - Medscape

Deep Venous Thrombosis Workup medscape


Deep vein thrombosis (DVT): Tests and diagnosis -

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I think you've hit the high points just fine. Now, figure out why the tests get repeated periodically-- what are they checking on? (hint: any therapies being applied? what is the usual course of treatment for DVT?)

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Might do a ddimer as well.


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This profile is on a real person so I was concerned about what would be appropriate and inappropriate to post up on here. I think I have everything together though. Thanks for the advice!


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They didn't do one strangely enough. I suppose the patient's admission of being immobile for nine days was enough for them to do a doppler of the leg. Honestly the site of the DVT is hard to dismiss as being anything but a DVT :D