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I am currently working on my applications for nursing school and I need to write a personal statement that highlights the reasons I think I would be good for the particular program. One of the tips that all of the websites are giving is that you really should focus on the patient experience you have and what how that has made you want to seek a career in Nursing. What do you do if you don't have any actual patient experience. I know there have to be other people who haven't had the opportunity to personally work with patients before Nursing school. Has anyone else had experience writing a personal statement without the experience?


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I don't think it necessarily needs to be experience with patients. Have you ever been a patient? Any of your loved ones ever been a patient? Use the experiences, whether good or bad. After all, what did make you want to become a nurse??


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I agree with nlitened. My personal statement prompt was similar to yours so I focused on my experiences as a patient and how the nurses impacted me during that time.


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In addition to what these guys have said, relate the job experience you DO have to nursing. Customer service? Fast pace? Having to think on your feet? You'll see those in nursing, too. Why do you want to be a nurse? How can you relate your history to that? How will you draw on your past to give your patients a stellar care experience?

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What made you decide to become a nurse? There is usually a patient story in that, whether it is you as the patient or a family member. Talk about that. Have you taken care of a loved one?