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Personal question about a doctor's appt


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I have a 13 month old daughter named Rylee...

I hate to go against the advice of a doctor BUT

I called her ped's office today to see if they wanted to see her. This is what has been going on...

Not last night, but the night before Rylee was a little restless sleeping. She wanted to nurse a little more than usual. I didn't think much of it. Well in the morning I noticed her nose was a little stuffy. That day she seemed fine... ate fine etc. Her nose seemed ok. Later in the day she started in with a fever of about 101. Well last night was a nightmare. Her nose became more congested and her fever went up. About 9pm it was about 102.5. I gave her some Tylenol and gave her something for her nose. Well she slept terrible. I had to give her Motrin about 3am because she was feverish and miserable. She has pretty much been like this all day... appetite not so great. So I called the ped and they wanted to see her. I take her in and they weigh her (she's 25lbs 4 ounces...wow) put us in a room. The ped comes in (one that we do not see usually) and looks in her ears and listens to her chest. She said "Her ears look great and her lungs are clear but I see that she has a lot of congestion in her nose so I am going to give you an antibiotic to help clear that up." I said "So, she has a sinus infection?" She said "yes"... I said "They can get them that quick?" She said "yes" and walked out.

Ok... I am a nurse and NOT a doctor. BUT I am fairly sure that it takes a little more time for a bacterial infection to set in. I was thinking its viral right now (viruses tend to produce a higher temp) and to let it run its course over a few more days before deciding she needs antibiotics. I know a cold can be really nasty and usually runs a course of at least 7-10 days. My gut says to wait but I feel sort of negligent if I dont start her on it. She prescribed her Amoxicillin 200mg/5ml twice a day which is a pretty low dose. BUT I don't want to give her this if she doesnt need it.

I know you cannot tell me either way but do you think it would be bad of me to wait until at least tomorrow to see what happens? Its not that I dont want to treat her but I am just doubting this is a sinus infection ALREADY.

Any advice is appreciated!!!!

Sorry to sound like a dunce cap but when it comes to your own children you kind of loose grasp of your nursing skills... or at least sometimes I do. LOL


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Sorry but due to the liability involved, Allnurses.com does not offer advice. Good luck.

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