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Hey bros, I know I went a little hog wild on this forum for us guys tonight. I surfed the net and brought lots of articles and such regarding men in nursing to our forum. I know, I know...not much burp and fart. But, I did want to kick off some stuff for us to look at or reference for later. Many folks may think that there is not a lot of stuff out there on us guys in the field since we tend to be a minority. I wanted to show that this wasn't true. I think I made my point. We have contributed alot and continue to do so. Also, hey, this is OUR forum...not, guys contribute what you find of interest. Hey, it can be personal stuff too. I really want to see OUR forum, I plan to be an active member in it. Hey, I'll put in some personal stuff too. Men often times get feedback that they don't have much to talk about and that a forum for men by men is sorta doomed to failure. I don't believe that. Neither should you. And hey, I'd like to see some pics on this forum by us...even if it is only a pic of your Harley, your fishing trip, a can of your favorite beer, or whatever. So, any way, bros, I hope to see you all coming around.

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Gentle reminder to everyone: Please remember this is a male nursing forum and the topics should stick to issues to Men in Nursing, it is not a general Off topic forum for Men. Please keep the topics to Nursing related issues :)

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I understand, Brian. Material of the forum are related to topic only. Thanks for clarifying. I'm sure others needed clarification as well. It is all a learning curve when new things get started. Brian, maybe, you can give us examples of appropriate material to include on the forum so we can focus there. Thanks again.


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Thanks for all the posts Thunderwolf. Some interesting reading.

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