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I had this email about handbags.How many of us put them down on a restroom floor and then bring them home and put them on the counter?!!EEEwww not any more!


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My husband , who is an attorney, says none of the other lawyers in his firm EVER wash their hands after standing at the urinal. This digusts him (as it should) to no end! When signing documents he always pulls out his own personal pen to sign with. He says all he can visualize is them standing at the urinal with their wanker in hand!!!!:no:


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Interesting survey I read. In most public restrooms the first stall is the least used and the cleanest. It said people avoid it because it is next to the sinks (privacy) and/or they think it is the most used because it is the first toilet. Hmmmm...guess I will be checking.

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My bf says he is grossed out by how many guys do not wash their hands in the bathroom and then go back to work (in a restaurant)!


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eeeewwwwwwwwww! Makes you never want to eat out again!


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Interesting (and disturbing) thread.

What about the lady in the stall next to you that is talking on her cell phone?! And then you hear the telltale crinkling of the wrappers on various sanitary products, listen to her say, "hang on a minute," sit the cell phone ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR, take care of business, and then pick the phone up and walk out? EWWW. Have also seen these people look in the mirror on the way out, primp their hair with their fingers while they are using their FACE to hold the phone to their ear. My goodness. I am first to admit, I am not OCD or anything but geez!

I always use the first toilet due to the studies that say it is the cleanest (and usually you can just tell by looking). Then I do like most of us - wash, dry, use paper towel to turn off water and open the door. And if the waste basket isn't close to the door, the paper towels are going on the floor. Sorry - not carrying that around with me!! Does this make me a bad person?? :twocents:

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